Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No, an homage to the boy who simply says No.

No, I don't want to.  No, things have not changed, no they haven't.   the die has been cast, and the figures are making their turns.  No, I don't think the rut is passed. No, I think repetition is not holy, nor necessary for learning.  No. The adults and the children have not been irrevocably changed by the baby in our midst, but I am waiting, for I have been changed.  I have.  I am waiting to see what will be, and looking carefully at what is. 

We are not learning our lessons over here. We are un-learning.  We are four going on toddler, and we are NOT pleased with the state of affairs here.  No, this baby is 'so cute' but only for poking.

No, this baby cannot be used as a bartering chip, a brokerage between adults and children.  No.

yes, she is adorable.  yes, yes she is.  she has 9 days under her belt now, and she shows her wisdom regularly.  yes, she does. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Had me a baby girl yesterday, Harriet Rose.  IT was a long and trying story, full of homebirth midwifery and hospital regalia, regulations and wonders, all.   She has a full head of hair and all her parts, as do I.  We are both happy and healthy and will get back to you with more after a bit of sleep and (really, who am i kidding about the sleep? sheesh.)  some more food.  I am HUNGRY. 
love to you guys, thanks for waiting with me and reaching out.  . .


Saturday, November 3, 2012

maybe baby.

I'm sorry i've had no bambino, I've had no bambino today!  (bananas work too... )
and we also made it through the hurricane of sandy just fine. glad to say i had a mini panic attack when i thought the midwives might not make it through the massive winds and waters and that i might have to do a delivery all by myself or while endangering the many that i love. glad.

I'm also sorry that I'm not on top of the NONOPOMOWRIMOPOPPOPO this year, after having written November's 30 days for three years, this is the year I most definitely skip.  I think I was figuring on... 1. having a newborn already. 2. a newborn. 3. some kids who are bigger than newborns and 4. some issues with time management.   and while i have only two of the four items above, I most definitely dropped the ball if not the baby and am running significantly behind on much of my planning. because the babe is past due, hubsJ's time off is running out and while I love having him here now while we wait because it soothes me and gives me something to hang on to when I get scared, it is too bad that he'll miss some of the sleep with the newborn who actually sleeps phase.  (i think it lasts about three days, when all the world does sleep to wake anew and all that... )
but we're fine, we're waiting, tonight we watch christopher reeves be his badass sweet superman with my folks ... and we wait. 

and we love that you are checking in.  really, we, the me of extended belly, love it.  wish me luck tonight!