Friday, November 7, 2014

PUNCH love

1.My first grader punched his friend in the gut yesterday because he kept saying 'dude'.  I get it, I'm appalled by it, and I have no distinct reaction in my repertoire, except to yell a bit about what 'deserves' punches and what doesn't .  banner. bender.  he loses games all weekend and we'll wait and see if those parents ever invite him over for a playdate. and THAT may be the consequence he feels.

2. Hubs and I are having a break from our much bealeagured 'maritalstress', realizing that the other is still 'in there somewhere', and have been getting along pretty well. It is hit or miss but right now its a hit...  It must be what the 'other' people have in their marriages.  cool.  i can see why people do it.

3.  My fourth grader boy tried to make himself throw up rather than go to school last week.
more yelling in response and then some panicky visions of teenage bulimia and so on and so forth.  then i remembered ferris bueller's fake temp and tech-licious lying to his parents and so on and so forth.  felt mildly better. kid went to school.  teacher says no big thing is going on for him there. meh.

4. I'm going to a potluck dinner tonight with my kids. I'm nervous because I'm overly judgemental and scornful even of one of the participants and I don't want to be rolling my eyes at everything he says.  I want to be better than that.  He tends towards platitudes and 'quips' and I want to throttle him.  (keep your fingers crossed for me.)
plus, all three kids in a room with a smart, intelligent woman who has no idea what she is getting into. none. (keep your fingers crossed for her.)

5. thats all i got, but its friday and i wanted to finish with a bang! :)


Jen said...

1. If those parents don't ever invite your son over again so be it, they clearly don't get that kids get mad but they also makeup when given the proper guidance and opportunity.

2.Sometime a mental health day is what every student needs be it 4th grade or 10th grade or kindergarten. And sometimes they just need to be told that they have to go to school. If they throw up at school you will pick them up.

3. Try not punch that guy in the gut at the potluck.

4. Happy Friday WME!!!