Monday, February 16, 2015


have to say, we're snowed under. overly snowed, i might think. my mother spends these storm nights here and stays.. in front of the woodstove which works even in poweroutages... until it is 'safe' to venture home. today, she returned and  found a pipe burst and spurting and destroying her photos. bummer, and anxiety and understanding, quite suddenly, about snowbirds and downsizing and all.
and i've been without computer during the days and have to wait for hubsJ to return at night in order to virtually link myself to the outside world and that has been good and bad, realizing my isolation is not necessarily fantastic. and realizing how much more space i have to think - when there is more space, and fewer children. this whole 'vacation week' does not feel so vacationy. children. man, three feels like 45 this week.
and its winter vacation and soon we will go north, to face more snow and more cold and maybe some tubing down a mountainside. and i cannot say that i am proud to be an old-school new englander today, or this week.  i just want to go to disney world and leave my children with strangers and go to a beach.  i don't even care if its a man-made beach, horror of horrors.  really.
warm skin, sans a chilling breeze. warmth. flat out. no pretty words to smudge that picture. sun, providing warmth. warmth. say it many times over.

i'll wait, but it might not be pretty.


Corinne Cunningham said...

I want warmth so badly.... today was a great taste of it, but it's so depressing knowing it's going to get super cold again tonight :(
Hang in there!