Monday, August 8, 2016

More asterisks, and other things... I ask you.

**What do you do to sustain your energy throughout the day?  I don't expect to be WonderWoman and I"m fine with dips and things in my mood... my god, the witching hour of four pm is not to be underestimated...

old photo, good colors. 

but really, i can do an entire day's worth of work before nine o'clock in the morning, and spend the rest of the day in a fugue.  I"d like to sort that out a bit.  I don't mind the productivity burst, but want to spread myself more sustainably...

%%Is it food? Do i need to drop the coffee?

*$Who are you? Who has been reading here?  Its shown a great uptick in the past few months but I'm at a loss as to who it is.... will you tell me?

&& J doesn't want me to share these posts on social media because he thinks it may damage his reputation, which as a solo business person, is very important to his livelihood. I can understand that. But I do think these posts are all about me, and I've not castigated him in any way.  ...its the one place where I'm really self-serving, so there is a part of me which feels robbed by a further inability to share.

&&What do you think of that?

((the kids are slowly rousing. I told them I'd take them to the neighbors pool first thing this morning.  Why would I do that? Its going to be cold.  Why would I do that?

*& the eggs are on their way back to the street. Nobody bought any yesterday, but I think the 'shock' has to wear off and then it'll sway its way to an eggstop familiar.
which, of course, is a thing.