Sunday, July 19, 2009

shasha booey

captions. when the television is on, there are captions that run along the bottom for me, the mama with the bad ears. ShashaBooey is what the captioners believe that kungfu panda says when excited. shashabooey. I couldn't really watch it otherwise- and there are rumors that the confidence with print will happen earlier because my sons connect words on tv with sounded words. i don't really care but its a thing i read once and i frequently hang onto those random tidbits when all sorts of important things slip right through the cracks...
went up to maine again for another working weekend at my grandmothers house. slept in her bed last night, alone in the house in her sparse, dismantled room. spooky creaky house and i didn't sleep very well and when morning arrived in its 6 am form, i was in the car and home to my boys in three hours.
I did a lot of work in those days there and while there is more to be done, the feeling of productivity that I had was really refreshing. My job of growing the kids is much less immediately gratifying than the fact that in 8 or so hours I unpacked 42 years of culch from my grandmothers closet. and yes, it took that long. stand by for pictures of the 'bring home' that is currently cluttering my trunk. it is a beautiful stash, but a stash nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

It's funny about captions, they really do get messed up a lot. I am currently watching english movies in europe with subtitles in french (to understand french a little better) so I can see how it can be educational for kids.