Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Too hot in my sweater, but I refuse to take it off.

Its the end of days... again, i know... i'm repetitive. . . but I've hit that not-sleeping-so-well stage that will last right through til the kid is roughly three. and so i'm cranky.  the heat was on in my kitchen when i came down this morning, and that would mean that it was in the 40s here last night.  I'm going to presume my heater/thermostat is not broken .
so i'm wearing my sweater, even if it gets to be 80 degrees today, because the 40s were here last night, and i need to be comforted.
i'm pregnant, i'll sweat a holy hell either way, so whats the point of taking it off? aye?

Little mr. went to his first long-day of preschool yesterday and it was pretty much okay, no crying on anyone's part and a quietly subdued approach to the arrival.  the first thing he said to me at pickup was a whispered... ' i didn't have any fun'...
turns out, the lion aslan stuffed lovey (the one that he forbade me to pack in the 'rest' bag?yes, that one.) was the thing missing from his day. 
and there's a boy with the same name in his class, so that is pretty exciting. i think it's allright, i think i loved having so much time to myself, even had lunch with my mother and godmother in a mostly leisurely fashion.  also, banked, groceried, etc. 

somebody make me some macaroni and cheese, would you? please?


Jen said...

Congrats! Step one in the master plan accomplished. Weather here is similiar and my chill in the morning turns to perspiration by the afternoon.

p.s. Do you know the gender of the babe?

Now I want mac and cheese!

MotherOfGooses said...

I just saw a cooking show on deep fried macaroni and cheese. I'm going to have to investigate that one! I totally get that sweater compulsion. On days when I've got stress in my life, I wrap myself up so tight and then, despite the sweat, wrap it tighter. I like being held, in a way, by my clothing on those days.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I love the "i didn't have any fun" line. That's how I end most of my days too!