Thursday, September 6, 2012

waiting. dithering.

Me and He
lots of neck, and all...
i'm waiting for the principal to call me.  its not a cat scan result, or a possible suspension.   just need some advice on where to place my four and a half year old so he can have the best experience possible this year.  (while i handle an impending newborn, too... i am selfish, and that worries me. )

he's currently enrolled with the same teacher he had last year, who is fine, but lame. and its just 8:40-11:15... shortie. the other option has a new teacher, new-er... and it runs 8:40-2:30.... longie. he'd have lunch there, and a 'rest', ha, i say, rest. pbbbttt...   it might be too long for him, i don't know. . . but when i think about having three days a week home alone with just the baby, it seems manageable and the winds blow favorably....  but when i wonder if he's really ready for the longer day, i don't know if i'm missing my last opportunities with him and the freedom of not-being-in-school. and then i vaguely remember how tired i am going to be in the next few months. . .
he's also going to kindergarten next year and maybe learning how to handle a longer day now will make that adjustment easier.

because i am waiting for a phone call, because i don't know this principal personally, i am just about ready to chuck it all out the window and run away... its partly a hearing issue, so doubtful that i'll present confidence when doubting every single thing i've heard... and i'll probably make mistakes and have to explain my own disability. . . i hate that sometimes really. and i'm not sure what i want, so what kind of confidence does that show?! aye?

so? dealing with questions ?  running away?   dealing with the unknown of 'whats best for my kid?'?
blahblah blah and more blingityblahblah.


MotherOfGooses said...

we've struggled with this same very question too. 3 days a week is nice and gentle though, with lots of intervening days for him to be unstructured and to give you the time to rest and be more present when he is home.

Jen said...

If it were me, extend his day. He will handle it just fine. Might be tired the first week or two but will move right into the longer schedule. You will absolutely need the time for you and babe. With three kiddos you are totally outnumbered. Take the opportunity for a little baby time. You will not regret it. Don't run and hide. Get ready for the newness and change and all the joy it will bring. Hugs!

Kate Hall said...

there's an option for two long days, evidently the three long-day program is full up. the talk went well, she was a tired principal and i didn't even have a moment of hearing-impaired despair... :) so he'll do a short day tomorrow and switch it up next week for 2 long days a week. it'll sort out, i'm sure.