Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Butterflies in the Barn

When you get what you asked for, and you realize you should have been more specific. . .

I made a list of gratitudes to get myself to go to sleep while worrying about my children, the cold, the pipes and my parents. . .

things of amazement and beauty:

1. my Dad found hibernating butterflies in the woodpile, in piles of bark bits...and moved them to a safe place in the barn, we had dancing wings in the middle of a blizzard, yes.   a butterfly in the barn!

2. my kids wearing hats and four layers of clothing still looked like themselves as they ran down the hallway.

3.  the baby's hair curled under her hat and when I finally took it off, she looked like a baby labradoodle.

4. my neighbor let hubsJ borrow his snowblower and we drove during a travel ban to reach a working fireplace to warm ourselves.. leaving our home behind to suffer what it would. . . with a nearly flat tire that made the car shake as much as my mothering insides..the race, the race is on.... but the fire was very toastily worth it... many of us in one warm room and not a fight to be seen.

5. quiet. and early bedtimes for all. oh, darkness, my old friend and tormentor.

6. the perfect willingness to be blinded by the sunlight on the snow.

7. pipes. the inexplicable and explicable nature of things that freeze and burst.  no subtleties involved.

8. pipes. copper tings and tangs and we should all reach down and touch copper things more often.  what comes from the earth so beautifully?

9. the basement, smells so wonderfully, dirt floors and old woods, metals in their cylindrical forms.  I should go down there more often.

10. snow tunnels are blue on the inside.  that is just astonishing ...

there is more, and there will be more ... probably, there is always more. until, of course, there is no more. 

oh, and !!

11.  longjohns. how i love thee, longjohns. oh. 


MotherOfGooses said...

really really good reminder, especially when I'm not thinking good things about water as it gushes into my leaky boots at every intersection. Water is so good. Warming my feet once I get to my destination is so good too.