Monday, March 11, 2013

A four day weekend, snow and whathaveyou...

we're coming out of a long sojourn into whiteness and light. and it was not quite as romantic as it sounds.  .. (and, yes, of course it WAS...visits were had, tv was watched, kids yelled and snuggled and legos were attacked, pokemon were scattered, pancakes were filled with strawberries... )  ...the sun after a two-day snow was miraculous and blinding. and we did have power this time, so at least we were warm and less full of worry.
day light savings... an interesting and romantic term i think.  the baby slept through - i shout 'Beauty'! to the skies with the best of 'em... though now she is congested and mucous-y and quite frustrated with this. . . but she loves flannel and so i douse her with it.   there is a yin and yang within - and without?  the push towards spring and the last gasps of the chill.

this morning i discovered two beagles in the windmill, having sheltered for the night.  who 'discovers' dogs? what a strange find... and i am beloved of beagles, but these ran scattered from me, and i feel bereft that i may not see them again.  how much wonder there is in the world!  really. there is. 
i am starting to dig my lack of connection lately.  i doubt it will last and so it makes it the more precious.

ah, you.  how are you?


MotherOfGooses said...

We had spring sun today. As much as I am so happy to have it warm my face, a tiny smidge of me wants one more good snow day (just one).