Wednesday, May 29, 2013

keep the space.

rock it, mother of gooses. you hit the nail on its noggin and i appreciate it a whole lot.

keep the space.

back when i was more lallyfroofrouo...people used to talk a bout 'holding space' for others, for life, for understanding and whatnot, and i still hear, feel the need to do that sometimes, but now i call it something to do with Light.  holding someone in the Light. a form of envisioning Prayer, involving the straight-up GOD.  oh, the fickleness of language and time.
ha. ah.

this babykid is crawling.  her perserverance and determination are astonishing.  good lord, the effort taken in movement is overwhelming and heartbreaking at once... frustrated cries and all, notwithstanding.

notwithstanding.  ah.

makes me wonder where she gets it from.  where it has gone in all of us who walk...
makes me feel a little bit proud, actually, as part of her root system. 

i'm constantly blown away these days, by what i've forgotten, by what i'm watching, by what gets done and left undone... blown right away to somewhere else. finding myself resting on the roof of the coop, blown to lie beneath the largest of the shady trees, blown rag-doll to the branches of the climber... limbs askew and limp.



MotherOfGooses said...

Oh WMF, your words and how you string them together, like beads on a string.
"where it has gone in all of us who walk... " That one sentence has me churning and whirling.