Monday, July 7, 2014

Critters are Happy with us.

We had the birthday party for the eldest, the boy who turned nine.  Last year, did the same, and no one came.
Remember that?  For reasons in the dozens, but mostly for the tears he shed and the real sorrow we felt, this year was very different.  It has been a year, invitations were made to dozens, and family friends and last year's friends, and all the mom's whose numbers I've collected and reminders were sent, and all sorts of things.. one friend was invited to come early, so the waiting for him was less onerous.... but for me?  at ten past two i though i might throw up, when noone else had arrived... but then they did.  lots, and fun was had and all was passed by, again.  the uncles came, the cousins, the grandparents, the friends.

i cried with my mother at the end of the driveway, my dad was here last year, and is now missing, still.  i passed off my toddler on to an almost eight year old, fairly successfully, i might add... i had almost a whole beer, i served some salad, some watermelon, some ice cream cake. i yelled at kids on a trampoline, a goodhumor yell. i ignored the kids i wanted to ignore, i felt impressed with the quality of the people that i like. . . i navigated multiple layers of family,mostly by avoiding...  i had more potato salad than you can shake a stick at...

the boys were both! thrilled... but my nine... he was on cloud 9.  really. and not just because its a cliche that matches. . . not just. 

 and the colors of the summer .  ah... and soon the reds will arrive...


Jen said...

yay!!!!!! happy birthday 9 year old. Beautiful pictures.