Monday, July 21, 2014

summer vacation? hmm...

I do, I feel like I've been away from the house for a week... away from writing for longer than that.  we've had family here, of the hubs' persuasion, though mine now with so much time passage... or at least, it feels like that most of the time, complete with total familial disrespect and overt generosities...... every single bed and spaces 'madebed by sleeping', full.  all the groceries i think are there, are not. ... inbetween two weekends of baseball tournaments... last nights' championship game which kept us and the eldest out of the house until 11!!... babies and siblings with aunts and grandmothers to keep them from the ballfield glare. . . beach visits with old friends which lasted into the night.... dishwasher load after dishwasher load, til i'm afraid it will fail... a car in the shop. . . a working working husband. . .

i have been away.  this week the boys and cousin living here for the summer, are at camp.  full day.  a pool! a rock wall! archery! songs! kidskidskids!! today is the first day.  the return of a routine for myself and the babe is a cool summer evening, replete with sweater. lightning bugs. happy children yelling in the summershadow.
i know the evenings will be chockfull but the hope of a morning breeze is there... so changing, that hope. i am returned.  i think the baby is inhaling me in the fear/worry/anticipation of being left with someone else... but hear this: baseball is over.  today i throw away the baseball pants with the stains and the worn out knees, the irredeemable polyster would insult the ethos of the salvation army, so they are in a pile by the laundry, washed (i know.. why? who can tell) but ready to be tossed when i can really admit that they are as used as they will be.

the red whites and blues are really exciting, but a few more greens would be really appreciated.