Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kerfluffle. (and poop)

Today will mark the fourth plumber to visit our humble domicile.  FOURTH.  and this does not include the man who came to pump out the septic system yesterday.  I am lucky to have friends who count as the first group, because probably i'd have gone to four digits already in the quest for 'no poop in the sink' which i find to be an almost universally upsetting quest, which most people are well ignorant of...
my mother-in-law had a seizure on sunday.  we, here in the phone-call-receiving household thought that she was dying. She was not. glory be.  and we have been awakened.

it is school vacation week, yesterday rain, today glory. yesterdays destroyed trampoline has been fixed and i've made them clean the disastrous room in which they did their rainyday mayhem... so we start with some rooms in which there probably isn't any poop.  so theres that. i'm in a hurry for my radishes to pop, and for some fritillaria meleagris to show itself in my very own yard.  its probably the only latin name that i know, for anything, and its a cutie pie that i have never seen but for pictures... and it will presently be in my very OWN YARD.
i would much rather yell at that then poop in the sink. wouldn't you?
we have an entire area in the yard which is being consumed by grape hyanciths and my seven year old has declared it a grape city, and it has battles with another patch elsewhere in the yard. someday a photo, because its a calming battle, believe it or not.
i think thats pretty cool..
and i looked at my last blog post and there are all these doubly underlined words with ads attached to them.  what the heck is that? does that happen every time? doesn't someone need to ask my permission to do that? maybe it'll resolve on its own? a glitch in someone's kerfluff?

i await the plumber, in chain-smoking resentment and grossness...

** EDIT: OH! and then i spent 8 hours at the Pediatric ER for a kid's broken pinkie.  just saying...