Friday, December 18, 2015

Whats your calamitous yelp?

*i watched lord of the rings and not for the first time.
but this time i noticed that the warriors were preparing for a battle by screaming 'DEATH' as their rallying cry.
good lord.
and i found it to be totally powerful.  the one certainty in life and a powerful shout-out to it!  a challenge, a beckoning, a gauntlet of courage.
so fascinating, those thoughts, that rallying of spirit in the face of sorrow, loss, and inexplicability.

*my two top kids, older than three, had to come up with a worry apiece for the christmas eve service, that they are going to put in a column and leave behind for the peace of Christmas Day.  (john denver and kermit did it best, we are so SO Quaker.)
boy 2 says immediately 'Death'.   I so can't tell him anything about it. its certainly a reality, and one he will have to face, although hopefully he'll have some more life under his belt the next time it rolls back  on us.
boy 1 says hes not afraid of Isis anymore because America and Russia are beating them up.  Oh, heart on fire for this. so many innocents in the pile, so many. this ain't no Rocky movie.

so what is your yell to the sky?  i used to feel all 'BEAUTY!!' like Howard's End... but now I think that shouting the death and the terror to their faces might be more my style.

there are calamitous times ahead, and calamity jane put on  a dress after all.  its all good, and its all bad and its all right here, right now.