Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Deaf, and in the waters...

Today I took my boys and my niece to the water park.  The littlest was dropped at my mom's and we took our chances with the grey day and headed out to tackle the one thing that has lasted two whole Summer's on our 'gotta do it' summer list.  The water park: slides, floats, tubes, waves, lots and lots of cement, lots and lots of chlorine... And water. Beyond the beyond.

If you've been reading here for a long time, you might already know that I have pretty 'tricky' hearing.  I've got one ear that is totally deaf (hello?? Car. Bike. Boom.((me on the bike.)) The other ear has a profound hearing loss and is filled up almost 24 hours a day with a high-powered hearing aide that is nonetheless really tiny and mostly cute.

But I got some challenges in the hearing department and put me in the middle of a water park, and this kid can't wear the hearing aide. Water, electrics, no mix. The kids were forewarned, and frankly, really loud as a baseline, so we all got along just fine. I did get yelled at by a lifeguard, but it was a mistake, and the poor kid was more stressed out than I was, so it ended up all good.  When you can't hear someone yelling at you, it is much easier to bear.

The whole reason I am writing today is to share this moment: as I went down the blue slide, the yellow slide, the red... I was totally deaf.  I slid, I rode and watched waters rushing, I slapped my boys on the shoulders, I grabbed them with my feet and my fingers, but it was all silent.

Completely silent. Charlie Chaplin silent.  It is something you can probably envision because we've all seen that commercial at some point, with someone else's toes in the slide... And, just believe me, it's a quiet and beautiful thing...just taking all the noise away, makes it magic, real magic.

In these six months of separation, J has had the kids every weekend, and I have not.  I have missed so the formless times of late wake ups, meals with no boundaries, 'activities' designed with nothing but fun in mind.

So this summer is especially ripe.  And I'm on the climb.


MotherOfGooses said...

wow! that is so joyful!