Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Joy Bubbles: Surviving Divorce...

The past couple of days I have lived in delight.  Everything has been bubbles of joy and the kids and I have been singing, and dancing, and laughing all around the town.  And I've made some bigger realizations, like

1.i should check out cochlear implants, I'm really tired of not hearing conversations, and if there is a medical solution to my insularity, then I should investigate.  This is a multi-step process and may take years.

2. I have been looking at why I've been so bubbly, and besides 'where i am in my cycle' and 'the moon', the only thing I can see is that I've been journaling and writing here a ton more, even if it is still not much.  And Every therapist and person of spirit that i have met in the past year has called me a 'writer', literally, and it is time for me to take them, and myself, a little bit seriously. I mean, tarot readers, reiki masters, angel spirit workers.. all of them... and friends, friends have called me that too... i mean, really?? So maybe i need to write because it brings out my bubbles and relegates crap and monkey mind to the bin where it belongs.

3. I'm doing this stuff on my own, I'm filled up with bubbles of joy on my own, too. And I have handled more in the past year than I ever thought I would, in terms of dealing with an entire reshuffling of the world order and understandings of marriage and love and how little I knew someone I spent 15 years of life with, or thought I did. And I"m still managing my gigantic home, building raised beds, and planting foods and taking care and giving love and presence to three kids, a tortoise, two cats, a bunch of chickens and a dog.. most of the days of the week, and I'm sane... really.

But joy bubbles, really. I'll take them as long as they last.

4. I'm throwing out random invitations all the time now, and my home and heart can handle it.  So- come visit, come stay... we'd all love to see you.