Monday, May 1, 2017

Motherhood: lies and truths ...

All the things I cannot say.  Because I mostly spend my time with children... (But that's the first of many lies ...)

Tell the boys I am not going to another goddamned store searching for basketball cards. Ever. Fuck em.

I'm so beyond tired of fast food but am too goddamned lazy to pack food for driving in the car.
I mean, come on, it involves more groceries and more Tupperware and so I may, in fact, be saving the world. (And i don't go to mcdonalds, i do have standards.)

I'm not going to eat sugar anymore except for the occasional donut, because it kills me and is so clearly responsible for some of my mood swings. I mean, CLEARLY.

It is not healthy to call someone 'dickface' in your head. Especially if they are an 'educator'.

Empty playgrounds. Sad? Peaceful? Paused?

Tell me something. Message me something.  Someone in Texas reads here. What up Texas?!

And I do a bang up job most of the time, except when i am tired.  Guess who calls every.single.fucking.time. ?  I am going to blame the sugar. The many many forms of sugar.

This is tiny, and I have many many more lies and tells to tell...