Thursday, June 16, 2011


What a wild and crazy thing, insurance.
really, i just spent a whopping load of money on 'protection' in the event of a wild happening that may never come to pass.  When you look at the money and the payouts and the replacement costs, its almost a wishful thing, like 'well, gee, i hope a flood happens in my arid plain while we are away on vacation so that I can build an entire house from scratch'... hm...
no wonder they ask if i've got a history of arson. no wonder.

our closing date is in one week. air mattresses are primed and ready as we will sleep on whatever floor we can find. although that is sort of a joke as we will have moved into something that has twice the footage as what we have left and eighteen times the footage of the bed we are all sharing nightly. if not twentyeight times the footage of said bed.

hearing is better, but I am longing for the respite of the quiet.  thinking of checking out a Quaker meeting or two in the next months, for a forced family breathing time, i'll have to see if the urchins allow that to pass.
something always pans out, it just may not be the gold you were looking for...