Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our bones are aching from the heat

Today are the thundershowers... the thundershowers which I, as a New Englander, don't have a fear of...but an enjoyment of... generally speaking they don't bring disaster or dismemberment or houseflattening, so they are wild and hairs curl and rooms alight, and that is just fine with me- and with my brood. although i suppose that two does not make a brood. 
We are living with my mother, the heat makes my father a rage-machine, so we walk softly, those of us with a monitor for self-control.  And those with no such monitor must stay outdoors at all times, which has its own long list of benefits. It will be another three weeks that we are here, and then we move slightly into 'the new'.

My hearing is slow to return and I am dealing with a lot of desires to live without a hearing aide, or at least to figure out how to move about the world of mothering without one. It is amazing to ask of your children to 'look directly at me when speaking' so i can read lips. 'don't whine' because it gets in the way of my reading your lips and understanding you... it also gives the kids a level of privacy that I believe they have been missing with an overly attentive parent.  they need to go UNwitnessed sometimes, remarkably.  UNwitnessed.

I have been researching chicken-raising, as I will hope to have a coop and chicks for the spring in the new house. aha. THAT WILL make a brood.   As Chakra Carol said to me last week, 'its a time for possibilities, and the thing is... any of them CAN happen, and you know it.'... so, maybe I'll have chickens, and fresh eggs to share, maybe i'll send out some gourmet fancy cookies to you, maybe i'll wear long dresses and sweep through the gardens,  maybe...


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I love the image. I'm going to try to ignore my kids and dream of fresh eggs too.