Monday, June 17, 2013

Count 'em. do it. i did.

it has been ten days since the first vomit. and all but the Father joined in. 
i say, happy father's day!

the middle had it almost the entirety of five days and even now is napping to recover from our first venture out.
thank you target, for your bottles of gatorade and your party pack of birthday invitations.  we applaud your stockage.

i'm exhausted. my mother is STILL in the hospital and i haven't been to see her because of the risk of passing what we have to someone already compromised and to her spouse. . . . . she gets out tomorrow by golly and i might just wait til she's at home. if there is a full 24 hour period without vomit i can not promise but at least be hopeful that it is done.


i'm going to go drink some red gatorade now.  doing my own restockage.  whatever happened to jake ryan anyhow?  man, he was good. he was a boy who could rock the levi's.


Jen said...

Your mom is in my thoughts daily which is my form of prayer. Glad you are seeing the backside of vomiting.... ugh.

Kate Hall said...

jen, does the vomit still go on when they are teenagers or does the fact that they can usually make it to the bathroom somehow lessen the impact? hm...?