Wednesday, June 5, 2013

grapes. say it with me, slowly.. grapes.

What I have learned. . . in all the mysteries that still exist, that fill our days with wonder and incredulity...:
I'm a good nurse. I'm gentle, and patient and it is nice that other people can see that too. It gives me hope and curiousity about what i will do when my kids don't need me to (oh, moan) be there every second.  I don't need her to be there every second, but My mom doesn't have cancer, its as definite as a thing can be. and i'm very glad i get more seconds.  grapes are an excellent snack if you don't know what is going on in your stomach's arena. gladiators? animal sacrifices? stretching and moaning? grapes.

nurses are more comforting than doctors, but doctors have more information about the long hauls. i wish those two would get together more, they both lack something in the end.

having a very intense focus for a week is good, but i'm spinning around now, that she doesn't need me as much and my intensity is dissipating like her weakness... slow and steady.

i've tried to give my kids chicken pox this month, last month whatever, and i don't think it worked but am still waiting... they haven't been vaccinated because i think getting the actual virus is better than a shot and a manufactured substance getting shot into their veins at such a tender age.  if they don't get it by 10, i'll shoot them up before puberty.  i was sort of torn about trying to infect them on purpose, it seems to be counter to all the mothering i've done so far, it sort of hurt... but, ah. it is done. 

the school just notified me they are spraying for mosquitos on the 7th, before school.. when you read the information on what they are spraying, they say it is safe because the sprayers have liscenses from the state.  that is what they say.  well, huh.  if i keep him home that day, am i a hysteric?

i should probably go get some grapes.  i now have a whole lot of time to spend in the frittering.



Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Glad everything is improving with your mom.

I would keep the kid home post-spraying but I *am* the hysterical type.

Speaking of hysterical, Mark and I had J&E test for the chickenpox titer and dammit, they don't have it. Those were bug bites after all. My twins have had 3 (!!!) natural exposures (one of which was in this house) and they can't catch it. Part of me feels like it is punishment for thwarting the vaccine system. Still out of school til the '17th though because that's how lucky I am.