Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Don't Know Much...

aw, aaron neville with his creepy ass voice and his wacked out style choices. . . aw...

i'm old dudes. old. i'm trying to stay away from the computer in order to better fill my days this week, and last... and i'm feeling sort of awash in insecurity and repetitions, nauseating repetitions.
shocking, but i haven't figured out what to do with all my spare time yet.
went curtain shopping with my mother. hmph. she's really weak, exhausted by the walk to the ridiculously misnamed 'hardware' store... makes me feel old and weak myself, to do readjustings like this... makes me feel so damn old and weary.
and lonesome.
i've been told my ego is involved in my exhaustion, my hurt. is there any other way? do we have anything to 'hurt' but sense of ego? is very consciousness a form of ego? is it?
are we giant puffs of air, white dandelion floats in the air, unless we have thought, reaction, ego?


Don't Know Much...

creepy ass aaron neville, man.


MotherOfGooses said...

He is pretty creepy I have to say. I heard some New Order the other day and that made me feel old too, but also at ease with myself.
Today my age is betraying me ...I feel so sleepy and stiff. Sometimes when I conduct conversations with teenagers, I feel like a cartoon of myself.Can't stop saying ridiculous, anachronistic things!