Thursday, November 14, 2013

Does BatMan really exist?

my boys are aging out of superheroes.  the eldest, that is, because the younger has bypassed them entirely in favor of skylanders and their nothingness.  why worry about gameplayingvideoboys?

although we don't even have video nintendified junkies, we let them play on the laptop for 30 minutes on the weekend days and that is all... evidently, there is something in a skylander. we have the figures but not the 'portal'.  and there must be something there... its become as powerful as anything else we've got going.

i wish they would let me loose imaginatively on what a 'sky lander' could be... just think on it for a minute. sky lander. say it.  sky Land er. 


losing the superheroes came on me out of the blue.  i bought fingerless gloves with a batman insignia on them, actually the most-plain choice i had in the marketing of our childhoods, and the boy turned them inside-out so that noone would see.

how in the world do you help him figure out the world without the help of super powers and magic? this is the same kid who is asking very very pointed questions about Santa, which I duck and weave like a golden gloved boy.
although i don't find the Santa one too hard to handle.  its always been a tag team effort, he and we, so I don't mind saying so. possibility is always open, its part of the definition, yes?
and then we have G-d, of course. easy peasy.
eight. he is eight. 

the stretch and loss of him is tangible, sometimes.  Chakra Carol says I am unhinged in time, though those are my words, and I am trying to touch as much wood as possible, to get myself back to the ground...back to being in the 'right now' and not so much the backwards and forwards of mothering, the seeing of the babes they were, the men they will be, and the boys they will be next week.  the little one has thus far escaped my timewarping, mayhap her feminity allows the mystery to stand, something i am intimately familiar with, and that is that.

the weather has turned, and i layer the clothing the same way i am walking in time, multiply and animally fibered.


MotherOfGooses said...

I love this post. Just think of yourself as the ultimate superheroine, you can time warp/travel!