Friday, November 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Grace

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huh, wasn't feeling the writing vibe today, was feeling all sorts of out-of-sorts, maybe too much sugar, the nuts this morning in trying to get all the kids filled with food before the bus arrived, the arguing about not taking candy in a lunchbox, i get all high-horse about healthy stuff going to school, and what the hell for when they pump it out while they are there... i donno.
but . wednesday night i made it out to Seekers group at Quaker Meeting, something i rarely do because it is at 7 and you know that is hard for bedtimes and such.  but we talked about Grace. so here i am.
reminded. stoked.
(not in a california way, but in a new england fireplace way, stoked. )
what is it? what are we hoping for when we seek it?  are we listening for it? is it those moments when we forget our cynicisms, try to save everything? read a tiny bit of mary rose o'reilly.  it might be good to try and save everything, to value everything a little bit more, to stretch our goal posts wider.  to let go the beleagured pessimisms and just swing the bat, hope for the best, wait for the Light to come again... it does, it ALWAYS does. every single morning, every. single. one.


geezlouise. why can't i seek this out more often? so much clutter in my interiors these days... keeping my fingers crossed seems like the best i can do lately.  here's to small and tiny Graces....


Unknown said...

I think in these tired and frazzled moments is where grace finds us. As we're trying so hard to be a good mom and doing all we can to get them out the door prepared. Motherhood is hard and without grace, even extended to ourselves, I don't know how we would manage.

Christy @ A Heartening Life