Friday, March 28, 2014

the stomach bug is trying to get me.

but i've got stuff to do today, man.  i'm taking a pill from studio mothers and writing something even if it sucks.  so here it is. 
really, i feel terrible.  i had two kids in my bed last night, tossing and turning apiece, and now this morning i have a stomach which is suspiciously volatile. 
i've got to pick the two boys up from school to take them to their yearly physical and then make an attempt to race back home because there is an afterschool movie for the kindergartener, which is the only event for him IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.  gah.
race. drive. race. maybe throwup, maybe dive into the nearest stall.

i've been wondering lately about skepticism vs. cynicism and which one of them leads to paranoia.  what do you think? 
i'm so irritated by baseless conspiracy theories assuming the absolute worst of people. it seems such a waste of time.
i mean,  i assume that 'organizations' are awful, but remain committed to the fact that they are made up of individuals, who will at some point, assert their responsibility towards the world. 
this may be crackhead logic, but i am sticking to my guns and wishing the world were a different place today.
maybe i should just continue on my self-isolation journey, and then i can feel more hopeful all by myself. 

- i have a feeling that might not be effective.  but i've never been that good at picking up hints, so i guess i'll soldier on...