Monday, March 24, 2014

Vomitarium, if only there were some way to power cars with it... we'd be all set.

the third of my kids went down to the stomachbug store this weekend... piles upon piles of towels and sheets and a comforter too! are headed to the laundry machine/center of the house this morning.  and i am only vaguely aware that he is not quite finished.  the tv is on, he has a bowl within reach, i am calling it enough.
it is amazing how differently the three handle the vomits.  one, almost adult-ly, wakes up, goes to the bathroom, hits the john. he is 8.  he calls when he is mid-way, usually.
the baby, just wails and pukes forward, onto whatever is held in front of her, when something is available, otherwise the wail brings the pail.
the current? the middle, will be fast asleep, throw up all over everything in sight, then come and notify us that it has occurred.  once we have been alerted, he will be fast asleep, cough, we run...because he'll cough til he throws up, turn over and go back to sleep.  he does not get up, does not rouse from his sleep, just rolls over/in it, and retires yet again.
this all has made for exciting nights this week.
the laundry is intense.
the slowmotion of it all is something i can only report, but not describe ...
we have been getting days off, but the nights man? shoooot.  we've been getting our asses kicked.