Tuesday, March 17, 2015

unsaid things. maybe better that way.

do you have a whole list of those comebacks you could'nt spit out fast enough?  do you have a whole list of those funny things that would've made you feel like a rockstar?  yeah, i do.
i have a whole list of things i never typed here, and i'm waiting to find those papers to include them here and challenge you to do something with them.  i thought they were good, but just couldn't 'work' them into something else, they were flatout standalones.  they are down below, there, i found them when moving shit from place to place to change what is empty.

do you decorate your house based on children's programming?  i do.  i take my cues from little bear and the waltons... we go for minimal in our dreams, but we go for empty spaces in a big, big way in reality.  i might (literally) be the only person who can identify what is an empty space, though. my standards for size are quite low.

ooh, i found the unsaid bits i was thinking of:

hurry-home internals.    - what do you think of that? boy, i think it rich .

when there is an empty space and a wardrobe door has room to creak, there are inner upon inner worlds available to me.     - oh yeah, some narnia ... 

squall squall squall, pen, DO MORE! i'm watching the young cat wrestle the rug and it seems his squall is play. mine seems so searching and coastguards jumping into rough seas and I am deeply tired of rescue orange-        ha!

salt is only romantic when you have something to compare it to, which it is not.     (salt is romantic? really? ) 

no damn apricot here.    (again, ha! )

so? isn't it good to find the unsaid bits?  they each have this certain something i like about them.  i think we should take it as a personal challenge to insert them into something we say or write in the next weeks, it would be a shared intimacy ...and a secret funny.... go on.


MotherOfGooses said...

I take the challenge. I also want to read a whole post about that wardrobe door creaking. I don't know. Salt is pretty romantic. It is soluble and basic. Important to life but not too much. I could go on! I have dozens of post with only a title, a scrap of something that flitted through and didn't land yet.