Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm getting mad...

why is it that all these things which were originally designed to help mothers have become the enemy? pacifiers, which soothe babies... evil.
formula... which allow mothers to rest and allow someone else to feed the baby...and are not full of chocolate.... evil.

what?! thats like saying that laundry machines actually make more work for mothers or that dishwashers are evil because you actually have to rinse the dishes first so you're doing twice the work. do we believe that?! crock of shit. CROCK OF SHIT.

pacifiers do not secretly pinch babies while they are falling asleep...siblings do. do we get rid of them or tie them to mother-guilt? no.
formula does not cause babies to hate their mothers or give them autism.... it should be viewed as like a protein drink to get the baby through a tight spot, thats all... gatorade for the newborn...
its not as if you are giving your neonate a can of pepsi.

if we began to see these things as helpful, not necessarily tools for bad mothering, wouldn't life be a whole lot easier for us - and then maybe we could figure out how to breathe during the course of these events and maybe even be more available to the children as a regular human being.... ? maybe we could even rule the world and send someone to power besides hillary.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

My pacifier concerns are two-fold. I don't like to have my baby's face obstructed and I want to be certain that the plastic is safe. I found some BPA free ones and, in regard to appearances, I'm getting over that. I agree with you though-- there's plenty of mothering nazis who will judge me for trying to meet my needs for 2 minutes of quiet!