Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rock and Roll

If there were a place in the world which could maintain this glorious weather, i would go... family or no.

and yesterday was a completely hellious taste of deep august and I lost my mind in the heat. utterly.

but today... today was all glory and the promise of roses. . . very strangely up and down in terms of homelife, my older son kicked me in the neck during a tantrum when I was picking him up from school. I was so upset at the unprovoked attack, I almost cried. I told him I didn't want to talk to him at all and he could just wait til we got home... He hardly cared. I felt very teenagery and teary about it... and was really upset for a great deal of the afternoon. Also had to deal with the feeling of wanting to spank him but not doing it because there were so many people around and I was worried someone would acuse me of abuse. I don't feel it is, and I wasn't mad but upset and just hate that I have to explain what I think is a rare but effective parenting tool. anyhow.

so it was something of a tough lunchtime transitionto nap ... and then...

C. was lying down on the sofa with his feet in my lap, talking to himself. I started to listen when I heard 'poop' talk.. why? i have no idea. . . but he looked at me and said, 'mom, i'm not talking to you, i'm talking to God..'. oh, i say. He asked me if God gave toys, if he could ask for toys, and I said God was more likely to give feelings, like happy, healthy, etc. but C. could ask for toys if that is what he really wanted, but he had to think about it first,to be sure thats what he really wanted... he murmured a bit and looked at me and said, 'God said 'sure'..'

Curiousity kills the cat/mama... "So, what'd you ask for?" A drum set like the boy in San Francisco.... LINK HERE... the young son of a friend from high school who has died... oh dear.

Next he asks... 'does God talk back? what does he sound like? '

and here is my moment of Grace for the day. . . I had to stop and think about it. . . because to me its an orchestral drumming, a thumping on the chest of percussion of any sort but a swelling majesty of movement and moment.

so i told him. and added that it might sound different to everyone. he was quiet for a minute and said, 'its rock and roll to me, mom, rock and roll'..

LIONS of spring... LIONS...