Thursday, April 9, 2009

my brain may in fact be dead

okay, so last time, i was saying how i'm fine with my 'glimpses' of myself. well, bull.

i am wierdly fixated by the new colorations of my kitchen floor. between the pee from children and dogs and the spilled iron-laden apple juice, it is a place of tremendous disgust. It was my intention today to photo lots of things throughout the day so i could show what i did and battle off the sense of doing nothing nothing nothing. and i went through , count em, 8 (that would be EIGHT) batteries looking for one that would actually light up the demonic camera. - never to be found. called my husband in a placid and dangerously quiet hysteria to say that i did not know what to do with the children today and needed ideas. keep in mind that today is the first sunnyand warm day in fucking ever. he is a man who should be on the very edge of his seat, almost at all times.

i took a drive to another mothers house and am very relieved that i did. we had a good and not crazy time with each other and around the kids. but now i'm home. and one is sleeping and the other, smaller one with great need for sleep, is not.

I spend way WAY too much time on cleaning things. someone please tell me why the place still looks like noah's ark after the rains had been going for a week or so...


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Spring!

-Justin, Noel, & Helen