Wednesday, June 24, 2009

love letter

To another woman,
Hell yes, we are addicts. We come back, day after day, to a mostly thankless job as mothers, wives, partners,writers, readers, people... Hell yes, I decided to get a pack of cigarettes to help me with my stress and to provide me with a quiet stroll in the evening, and now its all I can think about, getting out to have a smoke- Hell yes. And there we are in our pipes, looking cute for all the entrapment of the 'baby in the well! baby in the well!'.
And as myself, I am not just trying to figure out the mothergame, I am trying to gyrate my way through wifing and spin into my next year some sort of action of which to be proud, to OWN, as I do this job of getting older. . .
We have to crave, we MUST, it is imperative for us to stay passionate and alive.
And I am so glad that I have these women to thank, to read, to talk to, my friends that I look at with such admiration or incredulity. Locked in our pipes or no, we are damn fine examples to each other. Intimacy is a huge f'ing risk. Hell yes. We ARE the pipes that bind, and leak and rust, for all their pipely glory, we are they. and vice versa. and so on.


Athena said...

alright, mama. I heard you and I want you to come along to my new spaces. I have two new blogs you might enjoy, both getting off the ground :-)


Anonymous said...

YEAH! Rock on! Oh, cigarettes. I remember those.