Friday, September 11, 2009

Boys and Weaponry

and again. in order to get the four year old out of my bed, i am offering him the chance to win a weapon. seriously. a weapon. all my inner demons are raging, some of them in a congratulatory fashion, and there is some flagellating going on as well. The boy will win a 'light saber' IF he can sleep in his own bed for five nights . I'm so f'in tired that the idea that I'll get five nights on my own WAY outweighs the possibility that I'm sacrificing all of my ethics for this gain. AND THERE IS NOT A CHANCE IN HELL THAT I'LL GET FIVE NIGHTS OF SLEEP. so, does this count as a true sacrifice? if one does not believe it shall come to pass? I feel like getting biblical in an old-school, old-testament sort of way. anything for sleep. anything.


Ocean State Holistic Medical Collaborative said...

Oh man, do I hear you. The problem with big kids in the bed is that they never stop moving!

I thought about bribing my babies to get out of our bed but unfortunately, they aren't into light sabers yet.

-Sam (too lazy to sign Mark out)