Friday, September 18, 2009

melancholic and inspiring

there is something in the wind. i love the fall and have been looking all around at its beauty and the food that i am dreaming of and the rocks and the coldness of the water and just blissing out. but it does not come without a price and the sense of melancholy that hangs out on the underside of the leaf is just palpable these days. in the house, we have a hubby who loves what he does all day long but cannot get out of his own way now that he has achieved this longdreamedof goal. depression has some funny shades.

the boys are both in new phases, and the flu is about to spend some time with us, sending us all out and up into a new place yet again. we are hoarding the elderberry of our summers.

:) someone i like a lot wrote that she was the 'momb' and i like that a whole hell of a lot. me too, and i'm going to go take my zinc right now, so i can be the last momb standing when the storm hits us. and i'm going to go find the candles that i can't use because the house would burn...


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

You need a break. Come on over after the kids are asleep and I'll find us something strong to drink.