Monday, May 16, 2011

The biggest lies...

We all have it, that thing about ourselves that we can't see, can't handle, can't get our 'minds' around... Its mostly easy to see it in other people, because I'm just so damn judgemental, I should get some kind of award.  Oh, she is so vindictive about things... Oh, man, if she could just stop trying to control everything, she might be able to breathe and then stop exploding, etc. Oh boy, he is so power-crazed, OH boy.
But the biggest lies are the ones we have about ourselves, that we believe in so strongly that we can't even address.  Here are some, that I have tried, or seen in others, or somesuch:

I am so stressed out.
I just want to get away.
I'm really a relaxed person at heart. (HA!- working on that one...still, maybe forever... )
Its just a temporary phase.
Any day now I'm going to...
I just don't deserve this.
I've gotten over my mother's...
I've got it under control.
If my body were different, I'd ...
When my kids are out of the house, I'm going to...
I have a sense of the plan.

I call them lies, but they are dreams and wishes sometimes too... but how long will we linger in the dream and wish stages before we move, make our motions? MOVE.



And I'll Raise You 5 said...

Scuse me, but that post is waaaaaaay too close for comfort this morning. I am literally hiding from my family today (left everyone with dad) and am trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to get myself out of the deep, wide rut/hole I'm in. I can't keep waiting for some magical day to arrive to get my sh*t in order and stop blaming everything on outside forces. What's an overwhelmed mama to do? Dig in. For once. Ack.