Friday, May 13, 2011

One missing FATHEAD

Ah, the first time for everything... a post gone missing. 
my love for michelle obama will remain hidden under its bushel, and my fear and trepidation for the caloric intake of my neighbors and thereby my own children will be hushed.
hushed, i say.


*its not missing anymore, LOOK!! wahoo blogger!!!--but it lost me my Nancy comment, and that just bites...


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

But it showed up as a full post in my google reader... if that is any consolation.

And I totally agree with you, apples are awesome. Of course, HubsM is away tonight so I am taking my spawn out to the local pizza joint to fill up on grease.

Kate Hall said...

mama, i think you need to cotton to the idea of DELIVERY PIZZA!! thats what I think might just get me through the next two weeks... DELIVERY!!

Jen said...

Okay, I loved the FATHEAD! and then went and cried in my bed because the other night we HAD to have McDondalds because of stupid T-ball and baseball (don't tell Mr. Handsome I said "stupid" because he played professional baseball, ssshhhhh!) And guess what? The parents insist on having snacks after said T-ball and baseball and I kinda think that might be the only reason my kids go! (Can I copy and paste this and turn it into a blog post cuz I got nuthin') Plus just sayin' I'm packin on the pounds with ya' sister. I'm blaming the hysterectomy. Never mind the 1000 extra calories I drink daily...... much love!

Kate Hall said...

Jen. i love me some quarter pounders... love. but hate myself for loving them... :) and I WISH i could use a hysterectomy as an excuse for my tonnage. :)

Nancy said...

Ack! But not gone forever! I believe I was ranting about how my neighbor offers lollipops and calls them snacks, laments about her growing backside but then serves fries on the side and has kids who think milk is supposed to be brown.

I am not a food Nazi...I love pizza flavored chips as much as the next girl...nutrition is about wha you do MOST of the time, not some of the time. But if what you do MOST of the time is eat food flavored to taste like food, then I think you have a problem...just sayin'.