Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My dog died...(and then some)

I couldn't think of any other post title, really. I didn't try very hard either but there it is.  Roxanne the Beagle has died.  She was mine for awhile before I met HubsJ but for the past 10 years she has been ours. a lovey beast, trained initially as a service dog to help me with living solo, she sort of devolved into a really smart but resigned to family life type girl.
see any story in that?
no. me neither.
the dying thing was pretty harsh, a rough end to a long slow sickness.
I'm sad.
Happy that the dying is done, but sad, missing my dog.

this is the edit: I don't rejoice over anyone's death. I am slightly, not really slightly, chagrined that the only thing Americans can rejoice over as a group is the death of a crazy person.  Are all humans as violent and aggressive? Do Obama's poll numbers go up? What is it that we care about as a group?  Do we need to get everyone a dog when they are little? teach compassion and softness instead of anti-bully stuff which doesn't really seem to be much of anything... lets get pro. less anti. get a dog.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

So sorry about Roxanne. She was a good dog. ((HUGS))

Jen said...

Oh my heart is heavy for you..... It is so difficult to lose a family member. Roxanne certainly had a wonderful life. And in terms of your edit notes. Amen, thank you for putting into words some feelings I have been stirring with. Hugs to your family.

Jen said...

I'm so sorry about your dog.

I think a lot of us are feeling iffy about the rejoicing over a person's death -- even an evil person. Although I've seen tons of rejoicing posts, I've seen a lot of people who suggest this isn't appropriate. I like the way you wrote it, about being pro rather than anti. Very good.