Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Many Children and roasting vegetables.. and sometimes vice versa...

I think I am pushing summer out of my mind.  I am.  I have spent the morning roasting vegetables to prepare a veg lasagna because that is how I can make something this morning.  the 'make' is on.  I am using summer pattypans to stock the lasagna but otherwise I spend my time dreaming of butternuts and red and orange leaves and sweaters...oh, the sweaters in my dreams. . .
I've been challenged lately, in the cooking/parenting arena, both outwardly and inwardly.  My three year old neice is here and she is a vegetarian, an only child, and a GIRL.  holy smokes.  I have laughed in the past at how different boys are from me, noting the inborn tendencies towards gender stereotyping, etc.  great. great for me to be so abtuse.  super.
bhut holy smokes. girls. how do you all do this?! seriously.  the differences are astonishing and I can't differentiate between what she needs because she's used to being the only one and what she needs because she is a girl and doing girl things. Her cousin, my son, is 9 days younger than she, so there is an impossibly easy comparison chart for their behaviors and abilities and etc. etc.  Girlie's mom is gone for possibly the next week while she does some important closing up of her past in New York.  so I am on my own with a girl and I am daunted. the outfit changes, alone! forget about coloring! easy, quiet, always a possibility! and spending lots of time figuring out how to cook vegetables in a way that everyone will eat.  It is a shame and a half that I don't already have this experience, but aye, there it is.  I was given 7000 pounds of vegetables at the open house and I cannot and will not compost it all.  Pattypan, Spinach and Red Pepper Lasagna, here we come. 
I thought pattypan was purely in farmville.  ha. I don't even have an instantaneous label for food-related posts, because while i do like good food and don't serve much processed food, it is a simple simple matter of letting hubsJ cook on the weekend and making the same four meals all day all summer long, with the surprise additions of neighbor's corn once in a while. 

good lord.