Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello darkness my old friend.

Last night I was up for most of it with a monster headache.  We in New England call many things 'wicked', i wonder if it all stems from our collective experience of Salem and the way easy condemnation springs to our lips? hm. but anyhow, wicked would fit this headache fairly easily, containing vomit and leading to the lying-awake-painful-head that is unacceptable when it lasts from 2 in the morning right on through to the dawn, when i rouse the Hubs to make him promise me that taking excedrin-type medicine won't harm the apple in my bellypouch.  he promised, he roused the almost-seven year old and prepped him for school, and I spent the rest of the day sludging around the house. The four year old is still in his pajamas, I have changed because it was necessary, hello.   I am alive, the headache is gone but exhaustion has settled into my bones like the damp. Its almost five now, there is dinner to be 'warmed' and an evening to be withstood before my bed calls my name, and I, its. 
If I drank, I would do everything in my power to pass out. soon.
Instead, I will have some more water, stare furtively out the window at the blustery day and wish darkness to fall an hour earlier, just for today. 


MotherOfGooses said...

I like "apple in my belly pouch". That's a new one for me. I hope the darkness brings sleep this time.

Jen said...

oh i'm so sorry. i hope tonight brings you the rest you need. say hi to the apple for me.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Hope today is a better day!