Thursday, April 11, 2013

Littles and Bigs

1. the Kathleen Norris book is basically saying that the divine is in the daily.
dig it? laundry, repetitive, seemingly fruitless tasks?  DIVINE. the place where we should slow down, the 'daily bread' that proves us human and in the very light we seek. (if you do.) boy, do i .

2. I have a big rippin' problem with the seemingly fruitless tasks that i do all the time.  i teem and steam with resentments (universally applied) for the works that i do which my children and the public call 'not working'.

I can't think of anything else to put on the list, but these are what I am dealing with lately.  I think I am edging away from the seething resentments, but slowly... they are very comfortable and familiar, after all... i've been doing them since the days of 'kate, would you set the table please? ' of childhood... washing the dishes after dinner with my sister was a precious sort of hell.  emphasis on the hell. 
so, I am trying it out.  again.  slowing down, focusing in on the tasks at hand.  realizing that making repairs on cheapass made-in-china fake fossil teeth necklaces may be all that I am here on earth to do.  who can know? but making that repair can really feel like the universe has just lit up in daffodils, i tell you.
oh, and i've added 'read and write' to my daily chore lists, and I am really meaning to do it as much as possible.  and here, in the internets, reading on a laptop does not constitute reading.  things move too fast, even if its just my eyeballs clacketing around. i have to read a book or a printpage of some sort, in order to cross it off. although, WRITING here... that does count.  call me fickle.  go ahead. go.

riverflow on.