Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sugar Crush

a debacle, a debacle of greatest porportions. proportions? well. yes, again with the addictions surfacing here there and everywheres.  why can't i be addicted to exercise? or bran muffins? but no. with the advent of commercialized and overplayed secular Easter celebrations, all of them containing bunny references and plastic eggs stuffed with cornsyrupdreamy-ness, this girl has lost all control of reason and moderation. yes, yes i have. 
'and right here is where you start paying, in sweat.' (think Lydia, of Fame, in teaching dance to her limber masses)

except i am not sweating, except in my exertion to keep the candy from the kids and in my own evil clutches. oh yeas, it is that good. they seem to have forgotten it, in fact, which lessens my guilt in making off with it.  (in my defense, sad and sick as it is, i did actually throw three or four bags AWAY, in hope of staving off my craze, but . then. it. hit.  and there were still two egg hunts to go. )

well, here's hoping there is some protein in my future .  until then, i will be hearing Lydia's voice, interspersed with the wonders of 'Sugar High' from Empire Records, an old and longtime favorite.

(tried to include it for you, but no go.) meh.