Tuesday, January 14, 2014

TOLEDO, are you out there?

are you really HOLY, Toledo? I've been saying so for quite some time. . .

if there is a twisty vine called bittersweet, it is the helix of death and life, the reality of the intertwining begininnings and endings that we just cannot clip, for the sake of the birds... for the damn beauty that is in the truth of bittersweet.

so say we all...

open roads...

i do wish i could have joss whedon fill in the rest of my imagination blanks these days.  i have been angling back towards trying meditation again to calm some of my fears of impermenance. today i got about three breaths in before i quit or was called on to deal with other living people. deal.
make a deal.

its not really that pretty a word. deal.  i'm not sure its not quite a negative-carrying bunch of letters... i don't feel this way about 'seal', or 'heal'... must be in the 'd'... and also, in its verby fashion, its meaning. 
no whitehaired kenny crooner, no bargained slimfit microphone... this is something forced.  perhaps, therein lies the rub.  its the forcing, the semi-unwilling nature of the trudge towards accepting something unwanted.

p.s. do you think there is anyway in which someone should ever use 'rape' as an analogy or a metaphor? i don't .  ever. and i get all pissy/attacky when i hear people doing it. men or women.  but especially men.
doesn't really matter that something like a third of rapes are against men, the connotation has not sunk in ...


MotherOfGooses said...

I have a similar reaction to using war/battle words to describe something hard. It just doesn't seem right. I am constantly looking for ways to get out of Dealing.