Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Been caught reading...

Janes Addiction cues here:

as a matter of fact... when i like somethiiiing and i don'wanna pay for it....

i get it, just like that... from

the bookshelf.

we have an overload of books, and i mean roomload of overload.  and so in place of writing here or anywhere, i have read. the kids have still been fed, but some errands are taking weeks to complete rather than a day, and that is what that is...
i read the lord of the rings trilogy.  i did.  and i want to know desperately about the entwives.  where the hell are they?
i think i have a tree complex.  i also want to know a whole lot more about Groot, from Guardians of the Galaxy.  he is the only reason i made it through that movie, which lots of other people seemed to like, even barbara streisand liked it... good lord.

i've read the paper. yes, digitally, but still.

i've read a book called 'White Bird Flying', by Bess Aldritch, which is really dated, but showcases a young Nebraskan writer who choses to marry rather than pursue the 'big life' of a writing career and inherited money. hmm. BUT, it is definitely a midwest beauty book, changing times, sentimentality about dugout living and pioneer skills as well as dropdead love for landscape.  and sometimes i need to be reminded that this here that I am doing, this 'homelife' is the biggest 'biglife' that there is.... and no problems that are here won't be found in all the other places in the world.  and dropdead landscape is something i really go for.

(the toddler has hit the twos, and my nerves are being pinched, i tell you. but she still naps for a large chunk of the middle of the day, if i do things right, hence the reading. )

so, that was a four book check-in... i hear there is a louise penney book on its way to me from my mom, so that'll be my next lovedrop.

i hope you're all well... i do, i do.   i'm sort of on lockdown emotionally, so i find it hard to come here as i don't know what i'm offering exactly.... but a drop has been made! 
take care, have care,



MotherOfGooses said...

White Bird Flying sounds great. I'll put it on the list. I just read Apple Tree Road. I neglected the kids all weekend it was too gripping to put down. The other one I got from a friend that I read almost in one sitting was All Joy, NO fun, the paradox of modern parenthood. i told my husband that he should read it as soon as possible so he can understand every reason I have been mad at him since having kids. Reading sure does fill in the cracks.

Kate Hall said...

heh. i just checked the public. date and it was 1931. you might not be able to find 'white bird flying'... but i'mma gonna put your books on MY list.... :) esp. all joy, no fun... i'd like to understand why i'm so mad at him too... sheesh.