Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Donald Trump is a total asshole.

(gratuitous hate title. but one which should be on everyone's lips. everyone's.)

I had planned today to go to the Art Museum nearby, citified as we get around here.  Drove there, even.  Realized that i mostly wanted to go so i could say that i had gone, and didn't want to spend the dough on entry, when Sundays are always free.  It would be cool and distracting to take the kids some Sunday.  I do love museums, and I love the inspiration that they provide.  But I get so overloaded, that I end up on speedwalk and almost run myself out of there.  Maybe I should do one item at a time, I might do better bringing a notebook or a journal with me to focus on just one... ONE.

My brain is just on highjinks status all the time these days.  I can't really focus well on details, and I am frequently telling my self to shut the fuck up, because I am spending so much braintime on make-believe and it just really

It varies from day to day. My father-in-law keeps giving me books and I am stacking them, stacking them, against the time I have alone,
but then, i fill that time with activity, so the stack remains.  not a problem, but i am pining slightly for the space wherein my reading brain lies.

It'll return, I know.
I have again started taking pictures of life's vignettes, established by the toys in the house. It is good, and inspiring, and less likely to make me sprint outdoors. Although, there is always that possibility to make life exciting...


MotherOfGooses said...

That photo is so perfect for the title!!