Monday, February 29, 2016

Meditation Station

This time on Meditation Station: meditation is good, gives you more 'space' in your inner world.  you don't have to burn incense or wear a braid to be a meditator.  you don't even have to own yoga pants. you might even like yourself more.

true, true, all true. Love the Familiar.
Love it more and more until it finally affects your practice. GO ON.
Love the Familiar.

(i am hoping to affect my practice, spread my deep breaths into more aspects of my life, man.  I need me some deep breaths.)

the book?     It is not focused on the mystical, the goal of Nirvana-angel-status-enlightenment is not stressed, the book is called.... 10% Happier by Dan Harris. .
It is impossible to be a reporter named Dan and sink into the metaphors beyond the metaphors and the bead and macrame... It is not meditation for dummies, but it is simply straightforward and light.  and maybe that it what meditation is... just pretty simple, right? quiet your monkeyaddled brain and be kind to yourself while you do it.  practicing compassion for yourself lets you in on compassion for others and we'll all be better for that.  right?

Its well-written, and easy to get through, and acknowledges cynicism in a way that is helpful and comfortable to me as the reader.  Judgement friendly, you see.

Next up? a fantasy about dragons.  seems to be around 600 pages and my toddler has started moving her naps up to 4:30 in the afternoon, so it may be that my next book report doesn't happen until i get a job that has a lunch break. we'll see.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

There are a couple of great apps for meditation. One called breathe and one called Calm. I highly recommend them!