Friday, May 1, 2009


I've been thinking that since all the trees are doing it, i may as well turn over a new one myself. I've been nibbling nuts . . . too many joke opportunities and I will not allow my inner russell to pun myself to death... but seriously, I'm working on cutting down on the sugar . I think I am happier when I can find something else to do with my time than scarfing down high fructose corn syrup a pound at a time. I'm not saying that my wit will improve or that I will lose weight or save my teeth, but maybe I'll loosen up my deathgrip on mother-rage. thats my hope anyhow. we'll see how it goes.. there are nuts and juju fish in the cabinet as I type. not sure who'll win out.. don't hold your breath.
the weather has been astounding lately. astounding. and i've had more and more moments of sheer bliss in witnessing my kids while they experience a really good childhood. its pretty damn amazing .
and while that is happening - the distance between me and all the adults I know is exploding. - as in exponentially increasing. . . and while i am not sure what to do about it exactly, I am not completely in the dark as to how its happened. SO- while I've said nothing, I've done nothing too. okay?
I'll take the 'happy with my kids for the next ten minutes' for what it is. temporary but good.