Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birth Stories

whatever the story, whatever the gore or glory factor, it is a tremendously emotional thing to read. These children, that we who write them, love... and what we as former children, live through in order to bring them out into the world... its really astonishing that its ever happened more than once. and we do write them. Its one of the few verbal stories that is better in writing, for me, at least. i think and I get the time I need to digest with the written word... The time and space to distance oneself from the rawness of the experience is necessary to bring forth its excitement and beauty. The medium of type is what does it for me.
and I'm not even going to share mine today... just thankful that other people do.

*of course, the irony is that this is perhaps the most grammatically incorrect piece of writing I have ever put together... time and space, anyone?


Athena said...

I think you should write yours out :-) I want to read them. Were they soundless for you or was it before your hearing problems? I am curious what impact that may have had on your level of pain.