Tuesday, September 22, 2009


i had the most amazing experience this morning. a friend from eighth grade/freshman year came to visit. She moved to texas roughly then and we haven't spent time together since. and here she was, she's just left an entire life- cleaned out her apartment of 15 years and moved on. . . clean and light. and no, she doesn't necessarily feel that way-but knows it is right for her.

really amazing to think about. as she was telling her story and my kids were rollicking and rolling and screaming and yes, even smacking, crying and flinging... i was in awe. what a space to be in..

what would I do in that space? (getting there without trauma would be preferable and i'm really referrring to the space internal)
How do people meditate with young children ? how can i get up early enough to have a moment alone when i don't sleep so i cannot technically awaken?

If i could even expand my mind to get there? my tiny tiny little mind. and AND i am using this photo again because i really love that it is a horse's ass, not because i had forgotten i had already used it. ehem.


amyontheroad said...

'twas amazing for me as well. maybe sometime in november i'll get around to telling my side of the visit. why it'll take me forever when you have more than your hands full and managed to tell your tale so quickly, i'd love to know. SO god to see you and meet that awesome family of yours.