Wednesday, October 28, 2009

boy joy

this is the morning... these are the red creatures that I lay claim to.
(in the kitchen-which i blame on someone else)

the boys are currently: laughing and pulling each other up onto the 'mummydaddy'bed...getting under the blankets and giggling wildly. this, interspersed with the wild sword waving, will surely lead to a moderate disaster. and yet I let it go, as I type, for there really isn't anything better in the entire world. and i hope i get to say a sentence like that everyday for the rest of my life.

and then there is this: twice in the past week my older son has done this: (two semicolons, ike) 'i can't be the mom, i'm a boy.' in the house corner


'i don't want the princess cup, thats for girls.' these are the same cups he himself selected not four months ago. . .

this is NOT an okay thing to hear from my darling sugarbutt boy... changing tides! hard for me, dismissive of my role, heightening/showcasing my familiarity with the very VERY same feelings... how long does it last? what will he think of me when he is a man? where the hell am i ?

as if i need to worry about what one more person thinks of me. but he IS an important one.

working on it, still.