Sunday, October 25, 2009

some of what i believe..

lately i have bumped into a woman that I do not really appreciate. It is a pretty rare thing. I call her 'that woman'.. she has made me unbelievably angry at times and often I feel that there is some 'miss' in her psyche and I am just generally uncomfortable around her. add to that, our kids don't play well together. Ok? so. on the last playdate, and I mean it, the LAST. I told husband that I would not do it again, I do not care to spend my lovely time on this earth being polite through my teeth. that is not what it is all about. (this may cause difficulty for my husband, as there is a professional connection here.) anyho. the last playdate circled around how great the church/temple can be for community building but really, all she wanted to do was chant and beyond that she had no connection with the religious community in which she was raised. I CANNOT understand.

I am aware right now that I do not want to talk about her anymore. It is bad juju.


I BELIEVE in many golden Bright and glowing things. . .

I Believe in the light which is in me, which recognizes the light which is in you. (most of the time, even'that woman', she probably has it. i mean, she does have it. ar.)... yes, namaste.

I believe that the biggest blessings are often the most difficult.

I Believe in the the belief behind the actions...

I believe in ritual if it is mindful and habit can be a powerful ritual and back and forth... and back and forth.

I believe that you must try hard, almost all the time.

I believe that my grandmother went to heaven when she died, and is currently playing scrabble.

I believe that clean laundry is a sign of love , doing it is an act of love. here. , someone has said THAT way better than I .

I believe that my husband and I are equally committed to our struggling relationship...

I believe that my boys are growing up so incredibly fast. and I am learning, I am moving at that speed too.

I believe my job may be as simple as loving the kids for the majority of the day, and feeding and clothing them.

I believe that cardinals are a sign that God loves beauty, and sparkle, and frivolity.

there is a hell of a lot more.

what about you?


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I hope you're feeling better about the disasterous playdate and it doesn't complicate things too much.

Your post has me thinking about religion as a cultural identity. Do you think for a person to identify themselves as a certain religion they must believe in god? I'd love to hear more of your take on this. .