Wednesday, October 21, 2009

OH Lord, it is fallaflame...

Yesterday and today have been the most perfect days in the world, in the weather department. The colors are just breathtaking and there is just something about the light, the sun, the smells .. it is astounding.

AND, I hired a babysitter.

I know, I know, you say, subject change ahoy! but no, not really, because I HAD said babysitter, I actually saw this weather with my own eyes, without the filter of.. 'oh, I need to make sure C hears the leaves rustling... I need to get E. 's mouth off the leaves... ' Oh.

It was cool. I ran around like an extremely nervous fowl when they left for the park and did all the weeks chores in about 10 minutes- which, either begs the question 'why does it take me so long otherwise?' OR 'how crap a job Did I do?' but I'm not going down that path . I'm just amazed at the day and the fact that it has been four years since I've seen the fall like this. four.

I've got to start opening my eyes more often.

I also had yoga again, it is good to sweat outside of the house sometimes. very.

Otherwise, I've got nothing to type and am working on this post just to feel connected to the process ... maybe i'll go for a walk, a zoo trip... something when the nap ends to get the kids to do all that rustle-listening and leaf-eating after all.


Nancy said...

Everything is better after yoga.